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La carte

Salade menu : 17.50 euros

only from tuesday lunch to friday lunch and not on public holidays

Choice of one of the 2 salads+one dessert+one glass of Beaujolais wine or a glass of Vittel

Salade retinton: lettuce, roasted breaded St Marcellin cheese, dried ham

Salade lyonnaise: lettuce, panfried bacon, croutons, poached egg


ENTRECOTE CHAROLAISE: charolaise sirloin, homemade french fries, lettuce 18,50euros

CHEF’S BURGER : burger, onions, bacon, reblochon cheese, fresh bread, french fries, lettuce 15.50euros

TETE DE VEAU : boiled veal head with fresh vegetable and griche sauce15.00euros

PETIT BOUTON D’OR : roasted Bouton d’or cheese in its box, dried ham, fresh ham,lettuce and baked potatoes 16.00euros